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How would your life change if your business suddenly…

Realistic Custom Logo on Sphere Template for Photoshop - Change Background, Change Sphere Texture and Your Logo (You can also write text). Easy to edit with single click.

Recently, I revealed that I have big changes. My true purpose became very clear and big opportunities are showing up everywhere in my business. A few weeks ago I was part of a small private mastermind with the famous marketing guru and author, Joe Vitale and five other successful entrepreneurs.

We talked about how purpose plays a big role in business.

How would your life change if you or your purposeful business suddenly went from being virtually unknown to being easily recognized, in demand and adored by people worldwide?

How many people’s lives could you change? How would your income change? How could you support your family?

I want you to know that this can absolutely happen for you and the only thing that has kept you from growing your business is that you have not aligned your purpose with your brand. I know because it has happened to me!

In my experiences I’ve found that there are three types of entrepreneurs:

Chasing Money Entrepreneur

Those who choose to start a business only for the money and think passion will come later are on the wrong path. They spend their days chasing dollars in a business that doesn’t really inspire them.  They are only in the business because it’s supposed to make them a lot of money. But no matter how many hours they work or how much money they earn it’s never enough. There’s an empty feeling inside – they really want to enjoy their business but the desperation  for money overshadows that desire. They keep changing their mind or focus while going at a frantic pace. They are not being fulfilled, the work feels hard and eventually they hit a wall, burnout and quit. They feel disconnected, exhausted and unhappy. 

Do Good Entrepreneur

The very things that inspired them to start a business are sabotaging their success. Their desire to make to make a difference in the lives of others is wreaking havoc on their day-to-day business results. 

These entrepreneurs think that doing good is their primary focus and believe that helping others is more important than making money. Plus, they jump into business without solid planning around money. They are helping a lot of people but are also giving away their services at a low price for fear of losing business. This causes them to struggle financially with a business that is always in an up and down roller coaster income. Their income barely pays the bills and they are always trying to build their business with last minute ideas. They start feeling discouraged and exhausted because they can’t create steady and growing income. They start seeking a part-time job to pay their bills so they can continue their failing business.

Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

They may have actually been a chasing money or do good entrepreneur in the past and learned from their mistakes. They know they can’t build a successful business alone and they seek the resources that will help them grow. They are committed to overcoming challenges. They carefully plan their business steps, educate themselves and get clear on how to align their purpose with their business and their brand. They take immediate action on opportunities. They are focused on making a huge difference in the world and make a profit. These people feel excited, fulfilled, and ready to embrace collaboration with other successful people to create bigger financial freedom. Plus they are able to give more, because they have more to give.

Which one do you want to be in the next six months?

Entrepreneurship and building a business is not something you can fake your way through; you are either doing it right or not doing it right. Success can happen for you just like it happened for my friend and client Lilou who went from doing good, to seeking purpose, to focusing on and becoming a world influencer.

In my next blog post, I’m going to share this inspiring Business Success Story about Lilou who started out virtually unknown, just like us and how she grew her brand that is now internationally famous with over 34 Million fans worldwide. I’ll show you how she focused and built her purpose driven business and how you can too.

Live your purpose! Sharron




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