iStock_000002929509SmallI had a hidden fear that was sabotaging my own purpose!

Earlier this year, I had an epiphany.

One sleepless night I asked myself, “am I totally fulfilling my true purpose in business; can I really make a difference?”

And a voice within my soul, whispered, “Stop asking and just get busy!”

As I took more and more steps I felt a hidden fear rise up, like a knot in my heart that was sabotaging and keeping me from getting busy on my purpose at a much higher level.

It was… Fear of rejection.

For me, that fear showed up as… waiting for the right moment, not setting boundaries, not speaking up, procrastination, unwilling to delegate and just plain old perfectionism.

And you know what the biggest fear of all was?
Not letting go of negative energy suckers for fear of hurting their feelings!

Sound familiar? I’ll bet you know exactly what I mean.

I faced this this fear of rejection head on by recognizing that it’s not about what others think of me – it’s about fully living my purpose with a passion that can’t be stopped and doing it the smart way.

It’s about letting go, making a brave decision and stepping into the hidden fears to play BIGGER no matter what!

Playing bigger for me was… to stop wasting my time on the wrong activities and instead hire the right people, build an amazing team and share my expertise.

It can feel so freeing to let go and invest wisely in your business creating the right brand so you can fulfill your purpose at a higher level and make a difference in the lives of others.

I took that brave step. Will you?

Let me guide and show you how to take that step and align your purpose with your brand and your business at the Branding with Purpose Event in Atlanta on March 3-5, 2016.

If you feel a tug in your heart. And you’re ready to embrace your purpose to play bigger in 2016… Don’t wait another year.

Play BIG now.

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