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The Paint Journey

3-day program $399 (includes all art supplies)
I’m on a mission to show that you possess a natural born creativity …and I created a program that expands your ability to awaken your inner creative self, manifest new ideas, release challenges and increase your soulful connection. It’s been reported that when 3-year olds are tested at creativity levels that 98% of them are considered “creative geniuses” sadly, as they grow-up and reach the age of 25 that number drops to 2%. So how do you re-awaken your natural born inner creative genius? In just three days in The Paint Journey Retreat, I can guide you to tap into a part of your inner soul and unleash the creative spirit deep inside with simple intuitive and expressive painting. You don’t need any experience or know how to paint – it not about art –it’s about creative expression. It’s about learning to harness your natural creativity so you can inspire yourself more, create more joy, and begin the journey to fulfillment.

“I left feeling so relaxed”

Everyone who feels stressed should do this retreat! I work in the IT industry and have a very demanding job. I had never painted before and was nervous about what would happen. I left feeling so relaxed and more confident about expressing myself at work and not feeling judged. I will do this class again!

– Ella Ravershaun, Project Manager, IT Company

“Discover more about yourself”

I had a great time painting with Sharron! Such a fun, and instinctive way to set intentions and discover more about yourself. Your intuitive insight on our paintings were great too!! A definite class to remember in many ways! Thank you!

– Stephanie Clement, Owner, Stillness Yoga Studio

No Artistic Experience or Skills Required All Materials Provided
You are in the right place if you:
Feel stuck in life and want an easy way to process your feelings
Yearn to express yourself creatively but don’t know where to start
Want to expand your intuition
Are looking to find meaning in your life
Feel Blocked about life issues
Want to feel more freedom and courage in expressing who you are
Give yourself a weekend that will supercharge your desire to explore ways that awaken your true and creative self. Learn how to use paint, paper and brush to paint away your challenges and old beliefs.

“My fears about being creative slowly vanished.”

I had a teacher criticize my art when I was young and I believed for my entire life I was not creative. After participating in the Paint Journey I had an amazing awakening and my fears about being creative slowly vanished. During the painting session a beautiful heart emerged from the paint and I created the name of my business as a result of this class. Today my business is thriving and my creativity is flowing.

– Mindy Strich, Owner Healing Hearts, LLC; Energy Practitioner and Life Coach

“Love beyond words”

Angels have always fascinated me and as a result I signed-up for Sharron’s Paint Journey. She teaches people how to paint from their intuition. During the week-end angels came through in my painting and I experienced a holy instant with the divine that overwhelmed me with love beyond words. As a result my relationship with the angels has expanded forever.

– Suzanne Bailey, Co-Founder JoyFull Revolution

This three day retreat is creative, entertaining, light-hearted, and a powerful life changing event! Expressive & Intuitive Painting is truly transformational and can be applied to all aspects of your everyday living. If you believe there’s more to life and are ready to experience a creative empowering way of living and get “unstuck” then join us in this enlightening program.
Schedule Friday 7-9pm Saturday 9-9pm Sunday 9-5pm
Expressive Painting Sessions
Intuition Exercises
Group Discussion & Interaction
Discover & Expand Natural Creativity
Improve Intuitive Instincts
Dissolve Frustrations and challenges
Feel more creative and confident
Weekend Retreat is held at the Creative Expression Studio & Gallery, owned by Sharron and located in Marietta, GA.

“A magical opportunity”

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Sharron’s intuitive essence, insight and the magical light within her soul! – James Wanless – Author and Creator of Voyager Tarot Cards

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Disclaimer: My consultations are opinions and interpretations of my insight and expertise. As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money from my insight, programs, tools or strategies. Your results are completely up to you based on your level of awareness, expertise, or any actions you take. Any testimonials, mentioned in my emails or referenced on any of my web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential success. Please understand, I believe in your opportunities and I am here to give you my opinions, share my expertise to guide and support you in taking action in your life or business that will provide you direction and confirmation.

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