The first step to awakening the true source within you is by first acknowledging that you are not who you want to be and you are ready to transform your behaviors and life. Waking up your soul requires a deep and personal journey that you are 100% committed to awakening and discovering your purpose from within.

Hi, my journey as a spiritual leader started 28 years ago and I had no idea that my career destination would be so different than what I was working toward. Even though I had a 20-year successful career in marketing with major corporations – something inside me was missing. When I was told by a famous psychic that I was more psychic and spiritual than him – I laughed. Soon after that day my life began to change, and I realized I had not been living my true self or my destined purpose.



Chakra Oracle Deck Reading

Nowadays there’s a lot of energy in the world. And I find one of the best ways to get answers and to get messages about what to do when things are stressful

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Simple Use of A Crystal Wand

Many people use crystal wands to enhance their healing practices. Practitioners of chiropractors, energy workers, massage therapists, and different individuals that work with helping people clear negative energy use crystal wands. A

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Using Koshi Chimes to Relieve Stress

In this article, I’d like to talk about how you can create an environment that helps you move through stress. I’m going to introduce you to a new metaphysical tool and a

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From Suffering Souls to Kindred Spirits


Is your intuition talking, do you feel a spiritual calling for a purpose, is religion not serving you anymore? Do your friends and family think you’re weird because you are into stones/crystals, herbs, meditation, psychics and more? Are you looking for people like you?

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