Unleash your Calling to Awaken your Spiritual Essence to Create More Peace, Love and Abundance in Your Life or Business

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Hello, I’m Sharron Ragan and I want to guide you to feel spiritually connected, at peace with yourself, and deeply aligned with life.

I’m a former Fortune 500 executive and now a Spiritual Success Coach and owner of one of the largest Metaphysical Retail Shops in the Southeast, Heart Soul and Art.

I’m an expert in intuitive development, spiritual tools, transformation products, and ancient success rituals. Most importantly, I’m just a normal person just like you who was searching for a deeper meaning.

I had an amazing career, lots of friends, and opportunities. But, I felt unfulfilled, out of place, and began to crave a more meaningful existence. One day a well-known psychic who was giving messages to a large hotel audience pointed at me and said I was in a conscious coma and I needed to wake-up.

I laughed and was very skeptical. Then he said I was more psychic and powerful than him. I laughed even harder and was even more resistant to his words. He didn’t know me, and I didn’t believe him. He gave me a stunning prediction and within a week it came true. That was the beginning of my soulful awakening and now 25-years later I am living my life fully. 

Don’t let life pass you by. What could be more vital than connecting with your innate, fundamental, spiritual Essence?

Every day I advise and guide hundreds of customers who visit my shop that are seeking a spiritual lifestyle and ready to wake up their soul to peace, love and abundance. And I want to guide you to unleash anything that is holding you back from stepping fully into your spiritual self. 

  • Do you feel that you have an inner knowing or a gift that is emerging and you feel confused? 
  • Don’t know where to start? 
  • Are you hesitant to step fully into a spiritual lifestyle for fear of being judged by your friends, family, or co-workers?  
  • Do you feel intimidated by religious naysayers that don’t believe in this kind of spiritual lifestyle? 
  • Do you find that the culture of your career or job doesn’t feel right anymore? 
  • Do you want more joy and abundance in your life?  
  • Are you ready to create spiritual confidence and discover a purpose? 

These are not coincidences. These are signs that you are ready to discover who you truly are meant to be in this world.

That it’s time for you to wake up, shake up your soul and start shining your light of spiritual confidence.   

I see so many souls just like you with a calling but are hesitant to step into their life purpose and make a difference in the lives of others.  And that’s why I created Wake-up Your Soul!   

This is your first step into learning where to start, how to clear your old way of thinking and releasing the energies and beliefs that have held you back from your true self. 

Join my self-directed 7-day process that will Wake-up and Shake-up your soul’s calling to start your journey to more knowledge, more love, more peace, and more abundance.

What you’ll get when you register for Wake-up Your Soul:  

  • Access to the 7-day Self-directed video program to execute at your own pace 
  • Downloadable Worksheets for each exercise 
  • Downloadable Spiritual Lifestyle Guide and Journal  
  • Private Facebook membership in our Kindred Spirits Community 
  • Bonus ticket to the 3-day live Wake-up Your Soul 

And I have a fabulous Bonus!


When you purchase the Self-directed 7-day program you get a FREE TICKET to join me LIVE on ZOOM for three days of inspiration, meditation, spiritual clearings, manifestation rituals and guiding you how to go deeper with your spiritual gifts.

We’ll recap some of the exercises that you experienced in the self-directed program and experience some new ones. I’ll also demonstrate LIVE with many of you how to fully let go and embrace your spiritual essence.  

  • We are on the edge of a spiritual rising. 
  • People are waking up more and more every day.  
  • This is the time to step fully into your spiritual lifestyle and discover your life purpose.  
  • Don’t wait – follow the calling of your soul today.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is hosted online and all attendance details will be sent directly to your email after you have purchased the program

Yes, when you register today you will have an account portal and will get lifetime access to the full program recordings. You can return any time to review the material as a guide and refresher to continue to expand your spiritual lifestyle.