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Nowadays there’s a lot of energy in the world. And I find one of the best ways to get answers and to get messages about what to do when things are stressful and when we have a lot outside of us going on. A Chakra Deck, which I really like, because it does address the energy of our chakras. And it also helps us to understand what some of the things are that we can do to unblock chakras if we’re having issues in our life. So I drew a card for this article and it is the message called “base chakra”.


The base chakra is our root chakra. And most people think that energy comes in through our crown, that we’re pulling all the energy from the universe through our crown and all the way down through our root chakra. But we do know that lots of energy can come forward and come through our root chakra and come out through our crown as well.


The card based chakra is actually pointing out that there’s a lot of root energy that is probably disturbed in the world. I mean, after all, we are all one, we are all connected. We all have this energy that connects each other. And when there’s a lot of fear and a lot of distraction and a lot of issues going on, people have a hard time processing their fear.


So when I look at this card and when I think about what we’re doing in order to eliminate stress and fear and just beliefs that that could be changed, it is about being willing to do what we can to release the energy in the root chakra. There’s many ways that you can release energy and the root chakra, and as the tarot cards can give us more and more messages.


I drew a card to see what the message was about releasing root chakra energy. Well, it’s kind of interesting. It’s a dance. So what that’s telling us is that dancing is one of the physical ways that we can start to get energy off of our body and to move that energy through our chakras. So movement, that’s one way that we can release fear.


I picked another card to see what it tells us. This card is all about the solar plexus. Well, the solar plexus is our stomach. And we do hold a lot there. We hold a lot of mother or father in our solar plexus, especially in our stomachs. But this can be helpful. If I were giving advice to someone this would be helpful to say that.


Look back at what some of your childhood issues were with your parents. A lot of times when I draw the solar plexus card, that usually tells me that someone has been restricting a child’s energy, that has been restricting their creativity, and that they’re not allowing them to be who they are. But this is why I love Tarot and Oracle.


Now, these are Chakra Oracle cards, but they always bring us messages and the messages that we are supposed to hear. And right now, I just want to put out to the entire audience that’s reading this article  that I want you to take a deep breath, breathe in deeply and allow yourself to release any fear, any issues that you’re feeling right now. And know that just because you read this, it’s going to clear it right now.

Sharron Ragan

Known by many as a Spiritual Success Coach, powerful intuitive and and owner of one of the largest metaphysical shops in the southeast. She has hands on experience in working with thousands of spiritual seekers every month. Sharron Ragan has a proven track record as a visionary coach, business leader and spiritual influencer.  


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