Using Crystal Prisms to Enhance Your Environment

In this article, we’re going to talk about crystals in your home and keeping crystals in your environment as a lifestyle. There are a lot of crystals that are decorative and we can place them all around our home for energy. I know many practitioners such as chiropractors, energy workers, massage therapists. They usually fill their offices and their practitioner space with different crystals because they are beautiful and decorative in their receptions or waiting rooms. But they’re also bringing an energy into the space that when the customers are waiting, they’re getting the energy of the stones that have been placed in the environment.


Crystals can serve many different ways of supporting people as they’re in their environs. Now, one of the special ways that I use crystals in my home is to be able to hang what I call crystal prisms. A crystal prism is cut in such a way that if it’s hanging in a window, when the light shines through, it brings this beautiful rainbow of color all around the room.


And that brings out what I actually note as a feeling of peace and serenity. Who doesn’t like the sparkle of the beautiful colors of the rainbow. If the sun is coming through the window, it’s going to bring like this beautiful spray of colors all over the room. And I find there are some days when the sun’s coming through the window. I have my prisms in the window. The colors are all around the wall. I take my Tibetan bowl and begin to play. I’m just taking a moment and I’m just sitting in peace and it feels wonderful and it charges your entire home environment. 


Sharron Ragan

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