Learn 3 Techniques To Help You De-Stress

Are you someone who gets stressed and would like ways to de-stress? Well in this article I’m going to talk about different ways that you can begin to de-stress yourself. And they may not be the traditional ways that you think about. Some of these could be, but I’ve got some other suggestions that might also help you be able to move that energy through your body to calm and relax yourself.

There are a lot of different ways to de-stress. First, you have to acknowledge that you are stressed. You are probably feeling that your body is tired. You may have a headache. You may feel uncomfortable or uneasy. You may even feel some of this vibrational energy within your body just won’t calm down. Whether it is any one of these things or if you’ve had a situation with someone and it really upset you. Say to yourself “I am stressed”. It is important to acknowledge that you are stressed.

Here are some of the ways that can relieve yourself of this stress. First and foremost, now I’m a stone and crystal girl. I love my stones and crystals and I love all of the different tools that I have to use. My very favorite stone in terms of calming and de-stressing me is Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz is the stone of love. And it’s the stone of all kinds of love. But first and foremost, it is the stone of loving yourself. And when you love yourself, you take care of yourself. And you also make sure that you use the right tools to help yourself calm down. So, the first thing I do is I hold my rose quartz and I just sit in a peaceful moment, and I allow the energy of this stone to begin to help me calm down.

There are other stones and crystals that are also great for relaxing or calming down from a really intense stress that you may have. You can always pick a crystal that calls to you as well. Let your being lead you to the crystal and tools you need for healing. Caribbean Calcite is also a good stone to use to help relieve stress. It’s all about soothing yourself, as it also makes you feel as though you may be floating on the ocean somewhere in the Caribbean. Quartz is another great stone because it helps clear energy. It helps clear stressful energy that you may have built up in your system. 

Now, another way I like to de-stress is with a Tibetan bowl. You may not have heard of Tibetan bowls, but Tibetan bowls have been used for centuries and they were originally used by monks in their monasteries and to aid in forms of meditation.

Tibetan bowls have a beautiful tone, and they bring a beautiful vibration that your body will resonate with. Sometimes by just playing a Tibetan bowl, it helps calm your energy. And often I take my bowl, I close my eyes, and I play. I just let the resonance of the vibration work on my body. Also, you can strike the bowl and it can give you a beautiful tone. 

A third way to de-stress is by taking a walk in nature. Nature always cures energy because it causes you to expand. It causes you to connect because when you anchor your energy in nature, you will begin to de-stress. And if you shut down all of what I call that, that heavy, panicky, dark, negative energy, once you shut it down and you allow in the light and you allow the energy of nature to come into your body, you will begin to de-stress. 

The last way to de-stress that I’ll talk about in this article is meditation. Many people may say, “I can’t meditate” or “I can’t sit for hours and meditate.” Understand that it is not about sitting for hours. You can meditate in 5 minutes actually. What’s important is learning how to meditate to clear all the clutter that’s in your body and energy field. Sometimes meditation is just sitting down on your couch, closing your eyes and sitting in stillness for a moment.

So, turn off the television. Turn off the music. Turn off the chatter from others, and just sit in stillness. Another form of meditation, which is called guided meditation, is a form of meditation where you can listen to someone that is helping you stay focused during meditation. They use their voice to guide you through the meditation practice. They might say things like, “close your eyes”, “bring your energy into your heart”, “clear your chakras”, “hold your shoulders up”, “allow the energy to move through your body”. That’s called guided meditation. And I personally love guided meditations because it keeps all the clutter out of my head. 

Now, there are many things that you can do to de-stress, take a vacation, take a break, get some extra sleep, go do something that makes you feel good. But remember, most importantly, no matter what you do. It’s all about self-care. Learning to take care of yourself is learning to de-stress yourself. 

Sharron Ragan

Known by many as a Spiritual Success Coach, powerful intuitive and and owner of one of the largest metaphysical shops in the southeast. She has hands on experience in working with thousands of spiritual seekers every month. Sharron Ragan has a proven track record as a visionary coach, business leader and spiritual influencer.  


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