The Meaning of the Numbers 1 – 9

In this blog article, we are going to delve into what numbers mean. First and foremost, when you were born, your parents gave you a name, but the universe gave you a number from your birth date. And what does that mean? Well, when it comes to numerology, numerology is all about using numbers to learn a lot about ourselves, because numbers have characteristics, and your personality has characteristics also. So let’s talk about what it would mean if we were to take your birth date and turn it into what we call a one digit number. 


So, in numerology, you actually add your birth date. So if your birthday is January 1, 2000 (1/1/2000), then you would add 1 + 1 + 2 = 4. This would mean that your life number is four. Now, oftentimes, especially back in the 20th century, we had the 1900s and you would have up to 8 numbers that could be added up and reduced to a single digit. So often birthdates would add up to double digit numbers. And when it adds up to a double digit number, you keep adding it until you get to a single digit. Now, I know it sounds all confusing, but it really is very simple. Here is another example:



December 12, 1945 or 12/12/1945 (total of 8 digits)



1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 4 + 5 = 25

2 + 5 = 7


Life number = 7


Numbers have an energy and we’re going to talk about the numbers 1 – 9. 


So the number one is all about new beginnings, of course, is one. It could also mean a low, but that’s not a bad thing. But also, one means creative execution. It means creative energy. It means that new things are beginning. And this is a time to start, perhaps a totally new adventure in your life. But one is a great number, and the great thing about one is that once you’ve gone through all the numbers, you start all over again with one. 


The number two means balance, and it’s balance outside of you. It’s like I’m balancing my life. I’m moving and I’m balancing my home. I’ve got to balance the energy of my family. But everything you’re doing is outside of you. And that’s the number two. And it means that oftentimes you’re going to be working on balancing things in your life.


The number three is a pretty powerful number because it means a spirit, body and mind. So it means father, son, and the holy spirit. The number three is all about power. It’s about strength. It’s about unity. It’s about coming together. And it’s about tapping into your spiritual self. But what you’re really doing is you’re creating internal and spiritual balance, and that just feels so good. 


The number four is a number that I personally like. It’s not my life number, but it just resonates with me. The number four is all about achievement. It’s about recognition. It’s about making something really big happen. It’s about achieving a goal. So I tell everyone, if you are going to set some big goals in your life, start it on your birthday as you are moving into what we call “a four cycle”, but we’ll talk about cycles later. Just know that the number four is a powerful number. 


That brings us to five. Five sometimes is a little challenging. And that’s because five is all about change. And for those of you that have the life number of five, it just means that you’re always on a great journey. You’re always going to be changing and looking forward to the next adventure. 


The number six is all about taking a break. It brings us sometimes to sort of a closing. Sometimes you will reconnect with family. You will close loose ends. You will begin to just take a break. There will be less drama, less emotion in your life. 


The number seven signifies right now that we’re moving its energy. We’re getting ready. We’re energizing. So if your life number is seven, you’re always full of energy. You’re always moving forward. You’re always looking for this. You’re looking for that. And that’s a good thing because you also are a person who achieves a lot and you’re always looking for the next level in your life.


And why is that? Because as you move to the number eight, that’s the big number as it is the number of financial prosperity. Eight is also infinity. It’s like things keep flowing into your life. People who have the eight number are always making money. You are always moving forward. You’re either making it in the first half of your life or you’re making it in the second half of your life. 


Lastly, the number nine as a life number means you are closing loose ends. You are also closing an adventure in your life. You’re always starting something new, accomplishing it, and then you are moving again to the next level. Some of our greatest masters and leaders in the world had the life number nine and nine is a special number. But then again, all the numbers are special because they bring to you a wonderful energy. They bring you good things. 

Sharron Ragan

Known by many as a Spiritual Success Coach, powerful intuitive and and owner of one of the largest metaphysical shops in the southeast. She has hands on experience in working with thousands of spiritual seekers every month. Sharron Ragan has a proven track record as a visionary coach, business leader and spiritual influencer.  


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