What is the difference between Tarot and Oracle?

What is the difference between Tarot and Oracle? I get that question all the time. And I will tell you first what tarot is. Tarot is a deck of what I like to call “intuition are insight cards”. These are cards that are going to give you information, by the way, in which you lay them out. There are four suits in a tarot deck. And then you have what you call major arcana, which are 22 cards. Now, the major arcana is about big things that are happening in your life, things that are in the universe about you.   But then the forces in the minor arcana are all about the specific actions, incidents or situations that are occurring in your life. So as an example, when you have a tarot card, it usually has a number. It has the suit on it, and it has some form of a graphic or an illustration. And then there’s a booklet that comes with the tarot cards, and that booklet will describe what the cards mean.   Then you, as the user of the cards, must determine how that card relates to yourself. How does that card give you insight? There are specific types of tarot layouts that you can lay your cards out, in order to get the answers. Oftentimes, people will begin to just lay out the cards and they will lay them in front of you. And then once you turn them over, they will begin to give you the description of the card and what it means.    Now, how does Oracle play into this? Well, Oracle cards will also give you information. They will give you inside. They will connect to you. But the Oracle cards are not necessarily designed in any kind of a layout, like a suit. They basically have messages. So as an example, the name of this deck is the Oracle of the Seven Energies. And in this deck there will also be a book and it will describe exactly what each card means. You then determine what that card means to you.   Now, can you use an Oracle deck like a tarot deck?   Yes. You can learn what we call the tarot spread or different spreads, and you can take your Oracle cards and use those exactly as you would in a tarot spread. The reality is that there are many kinds of ways to use insight cards, whether they’re a Tarot deck or whether they’re an Oracle deck. And if you’ve been in a metaphysical shop recently or even in a bookstore, you’re going to notice that there are thousands of Tarot decks and Oracle decks.   They’ve become very popular. And not only are there decks that give you insight from tarot and Oracle, there’s also what we call insight cards or angel cards and all kinds of healing cards that have messages on them. And what happens is that it doesn’t matter what the deck is. If you have a feeling or an intense energy, you want to know what’s going on with you.   Then you draw the card. And when you draw the card, this card gives you the energy of what’s in your energy field. That’s how your energy draws the card. So as an example, if someone said, well, I’m having trouble with my finances and I’d like to know, is money coming to me? And then you draw a card and you draw a card that is the magician, which says to you, Yes, money is coming to you. And that is a great card to get in a tarot deck. So there you have it. The difference between tarot and Oracle.

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